Special Events

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Once a month or so we do a pizza and movie night out. We also have an annual holiday dinner in a restaurant. During the summer we have a picnic and carnival rides day at The Oaks Park. We try to keep the cost for these events low.

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Oaks Park

Every year in late May or early June, Club Impact has a day at Oaks Amusement Park! This event offers club members and friends a day of fun rides and a picnic lunch.

Jet Boat Ride

Jetboat Ride

Club Impact usually goes on a Jetboat Ride in August. We rent the entire boat and ride up the Willamette from OMSI to the Oregon City falls and back.

Halloween Party

On a late October Monday Drop-In night we have a Halloween Party complete with costumes, special eats and dancing!

Wrap it Up Party

On a Monday Drop-In Night a week or so before Christmas we enjoy Wrap It Up night. Club members select unwrapped gifts from an assortment of donated items. Friends and volunteers will then assist participants with wrapping and tagging gifts before leaving club.

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Holiday Dinner

Soon after the new year we enjoy an annual Holiday dinner out on the town! This special dinner is mostly paid for by generous Club Impact donors and honors Club Impact providers and volunteers.

Summer Blast 2018

At the end of each summer we celebrate with a barbecue and dance party at the Gilliam’s home.

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Outdoor Gear Co-op

We have tents, rafts, life jackets and some sporting goods available for providers to borrow. Donations of gently used camping, water sports and outdoor gear gladly accepted. Contact Nyki Chapman at [email protected] to reserve what you need for your next outing or make a donation.